Orlando's Got...Squirrels?

By Liz

This weekend our Pretty Darn Funny video submission booth traveled to Orlando Florida. I love everything about Florida--well everything except the humidity.

Humidity and my hair get along just like a cat and an electrical outlet do...meaning they don’t. At all. Like, the slightest humidity and my hair immediately rebels to become the next big contender on “world’s frizziest hair.” But, outside of the humidity, I really do love everything else about Florida-- and the women at TOFW made my experience that much better!

Everyone was so warm, friendly, and cheerful; I came away with many new friends! As I sat listening to your funny stories about being a mom, wife, sister, and friend and sharing in the laughs, I was struck by all the stories that--WAIT! Is that yet ANOTHER story about raising a squirrel!? That's like the 200th one! Are there even squirrels in Florida??

Now, I have some great associations with Florida-the beach, Disneyland, SeaWorld (happier than even Disneyland to me), palm trees and more but I think I have never associated fuzzy little squirrels anywhere east of the Rocky Mountains and especially not in Florida! Clearly I have been both sheltered and naïve. Florida not only has many squirrels but a large portion of those are apparently raised as pets! By early Saturday morning I was no longer surprised when the next story began with, “A couple of years ago when I raising my squirrel…” but still I waited on baited breath for the end of the story. See a native woodsy regions girl myself, all cute innocent pictures of squirrels go hand in hand with my mom yelling at me NOT to touch the sneaky, potentially disease ridden hoarder masquerading innocently as both a cute and cuddly squirrel. Really, how could anyone not fall in love with those puffy cheeks? But my mom firmly believe that forewarned is forearmed and made sure I wasn’t deceived as a child at to the true nature of squirrels. My two days in Florida has taught me that you Florida women are much tougher than you mountainous counterparts!

Feed a cute squirrel? Yes. Raise a squirrel as a pet? Absolutely not! I grew up keeping a safe distance from squirrels, like "that crumb on the ground three feet from me is close enough thank you very much" distance, but you Floridians keep them as pets! Clearly I have some reevaluating to do.

Now if you are in fact raising your own squirrel, do watch the Florida videos and notice that not ALL squirrels pets are nice and cuddly but it must be rare enough that the benefits of your own pet squirrel greatly outweigh the risk.

Look for the squirrel videos, and others, on the PDF video tab!

Your humor guru,