Your funny story is crusin’ for a grand prize!

By justin

Your stories may be funny at the family picnic, or at your weekly book club, but do you know where they would be reallllly funny? On a free cruise!

Pretty Darn Funny wants to help you reach your full humor potential, so we’ve lined up a cruise grand prize in exchange for your funny stories. Enter today for your chance to win and all-expense paid cruise for two provided by Morris Murdock Travel!

And just think of all the funny foods, fish, and people you will get to experience while on this dream trip! Plenty of stories that, with your talent, will bust sides and bring tears when you return to those on the mainland.

We know what you’re thinking, “Which, out of my millions of hil-AR-ious stories, will get me that cruise?” The answer? Any one of them! From the time you vacuumed that rock out of your child’s ear to the evening you had to explain to the cake-covered waiter why your date was trying to balance the dessert tray on his forehead—anything that is worthy of a chuckle is worthy of this contest.

So, what are you waiting for? Share your story, upload the video, and start working on that tan!