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Announcing Season Two

By hunter.

Stretch out your abs and massage your cheeks because Pretty Darn Funny Season Two is about to be released!

The new season is set to launch on Aug 19

This season shows how Gracie tackles everything from the perfect family portrait to the not–so–...

Orlando's Got...Squirrels?

By Liz.

This weekend our Pretty Darn Funny video submission booth traveled to Orlando Florida. I love everything about Florida--well everything except the humidity.

Humidity and my hair get along just like a cat and an electrical outlet do...meaning they...

Your funny story is crusin’ for a grand prize!

By justin.

Your stories may be funny at the family picnic, or at your weekly book club, but do you know where they would be reallllly funny? On a free cruise!

Pretty Darn Funny wants to help you reach your full humor potential, so we’ve lined up a cruise...